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Home to San Jose del Cabo. Have not processed the last few weeks yet... Bernstein, A Love Electric tour, went too fast. Some seriously heavy musical moments personally. Really making the music I want to right now, which is incredibly rewarding.... lucky to fall into playing with Hernan Hecht on drums, he brings an inherent energy and movement to the music I had always hoped for when writing. Sick stuff. Love it. All the audiences were so positive, accepting of the chances and improv we jumped at, thank you. Some moments of real growth. I also dont feel like we threw out any bullshit... or even tricks for that matter, werent rehearsed enough to pull the tricks, the dynamics of the music all came about naturally. Lovely. Any more positive adjectives?

This became the band's favorite tune of the tour, a new ballad called "A Tune for Harms Done" ... our favorites dont match the audiences more often than not



Back at it rehearsing with the Beautiful Organ Trio today, totally different approach, playing Monk tunes in odd times, working on phrasing and accuracy, studying. A great way to temper the purging of expression and emotion that A Love Electric brings. Back to practice.

Some tour goods ... Fillet of fish to the I Wet of Garlic ... mmmm



IMAG0081.jpg IMAG0098

Been having a lot of press inquiries coming in, which feels strange. Its forward movement and supports the idea of getting music out in front of people, and reaching a point where we can get out more, but something feels contrived about it all. I hope the music is interesting, and I suppose a lot of what is in there is a personal story, but its a bit difficult to think about talking about it. The interviews generally go well and I leave feeling like I learned something about what we're trying to do, where music's place is.... just by the questions that get asked. But it really opens things up to be categorized, so on..... and Im not always great with wearing the armor. Maybe dont have to. Live and let live. Sounds nice.

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