Got home late last night from New Orleans and a great tour through the mid/mountain west and a touch of the south. This was our first run hitting some venues we've been to before, our initial tour coming this past March. It was nice to see people coming back out, more new faces, and continue the journey both musically and in terms of making this a viable business to tour in the states. The latter is the difficult part these days, especially in the US. We just don't go out to see music as much as we used to, Im guilty of it as well. One exception to that seems to be New Orleans, where music still hums through the streets and clubs day and night, much of it traditional or original. Meaning you'd probably have to look elsewhere for a version of Brown Eyed Girl, all due respect to Van Morrison for his success, but in all honesty I just need to hear that song any longer. 

We played on WWOZ in New Orleans and I've become a convert to its stream online. Really amazing people, still believers in music's power and creativity, promoting artists of all shapes and styles, and giving much of New Orleans a voice outside the corporate radio structure we find on many city's airwaves outside of NPR. Great experience, check out Chris Bates' reaction

Our Spain run feels like a long time ago, but here's a couple photos

And about a month ago, I had a chance to play with the Aguascalientes Big Band directed by French saxophonist Pierre Bertrand, a tune of Pierre's with a big hole over some Coltrane changes I got to blow on. Pierre played with A Love Electric as well, an honor. Hope to get back again

 Had a chance to drive late into the night yesterday and enjoy some recordings I've been digging. CraigTaborn's"Junk Magic", Marc Ribot's "Silent Movies" and a few Sun Ra records made it a really enjoyable night and set the mind wandering, great feeling being out and feeling removed from the hustle if even for a few hours. 

Had a cool interview in Tulsa, a really great town to play in, that aired on the NPR affiliate there - you can check it out here... let me know how it went, I don't like listening to them.


Looking forward to lots more projects, A Love Electric, and music up through the new year. Have a few new records, one with Dean Magraw and Jay Epstein Im excited about, working on a new A Love Electric record, and a California through Mexico run that spans about a month followed by a couple dates with drummer Billy Martin, grateful and fortunate right now. Thanks for coming by, hop everything is well for you



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