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We had a wonderful time playing for people in the Czech Republic and Germany. Crowds were incredible, listened all night, never took off a set break... I always kind of use that to gauge. Except for one lady the first night at Jazz Dock, which probably had around 80 or so people inside. She was a classical saxophonist her husband told me, and she left holding her ears and grimacing at me. Cannot, indeed, win them all over, but I actually took that as some sort of statement that we do indeed have an identity. We're not whatever she was into, which is fine, there's things I'm not into. That has been a hard part in the last 5 months, answering the question, "well everyone says this is genre defying, what is it really?". Its music, thats it. The sum of melodies, harmonies and rhythms we've absorbed over the years and allowed to coalesce into something our own. We all should be allowed that individuality. If anything in this day is just one thing, i.e. single man bird calls for the lonely, or female jogging music, or screamo... its really trying to be that way, for whatever intention, not always a cynical one. We have so many influences and access to so much music, art, for me, it would be a shame to deny that art its influence in an attempt to be more commercially viable or live within a segmented piece of the artistic, and social pieces attached, world. Influence happens naturally, we grow as people as we obtain information and allow that information to inform our decisions. Music, in my experience, works the same. For that reason writing never gets old, nor seems a task, to me. There is so much material there that I've taken in as a listener, observer, traveler, that if you allow that to come out, its beautiful, cathartic, and at its finest moments, honest. Honest and human. We're not the labels, they are made for marketing purposes. Thats it. They do serve also as a point of reference in language so that we may easier converse about a certain musician. But imagine a conversation about music, a certain song or artist without using any genre-labels. We'd be left just with our emotional responses, how we felt, how we reacted to it, what we heard the composer or performer doing. I'd prefer that.


So, Europe, yea its a lot bigger of a place than the two countries, or regions of countries we were in, but for our purposes, "we just went to Europe". The music was good, we survived ourselves, which is really the honest way of saying we survived each other. Anger and frustration only serve as a mirror, I think. We did two shows at Jazz Dock in Prague to close out the run, cannot imagine a finer ending to two weeks of running around and sleeping just a few hours a night. I never adjusted to the time change, which was unfortunate until I got back to Mexico and realized I was right on schedule. I got off the plane Monday after playing with some of the finest musicians I know, Schutte, Meckler, Chris Bates, Hernan Hecht, Mark Aanderud... Dean Magraw and JT Bates prior, amazing and humbling, inspiring, all... and had a show at the Fete de Musique, or Fiesta de la Musica here in Los Cabos the next day. I played it with two young students, as a rapture inducing rock trio. Knowing there was obviously a huge difference in what we were  going to play prior, the gig actually felt no different in terms of self rewards than playing with these monsters in Europe, speaking of the time spent on stage. You're either in the music, its into you and you're speaking it, or you're just spitting out notes. It was fun getting lost in the music with teenagers the same way Im able to with the incredible and accomplished musicians in A Love Electric. The product was different, and people can make a quality judgement on it, but when we were playing, we were there.

Alright, thanks for coming by, excited to get out and keep playing through the summer. Back at Deckman's playing a bunch of more straight jazz tunes Ive been shedding, I love stealing from that stuff and it improves all aspects of playing, memory, creativity... if you're able to leave it behind as well... so thats tomorrow night, then get to reconnect with friend and pianist great Benny Weinbeck in Minneapolis next week. More then!

Ahh yea, and after much encouragement, well being threatened that we cant get gigs without better photos, I got an official photoshoot... maybe I mentioned this on here before.... it was actually cool, Daniel Solorio is the photographer, from Guadalajara, coolest guy.



Abrazos, Take Care, All the best, Thank you for your support


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