Saturday I visited "El Piru", a "barrio" (neighborhood, more like "hood" in English), in Mexico City.

The streets are polluted with trash, alcoholics and addicts wander. People laugh and hang out and serve food from their garages.

Its the worst and the best of us in a few blocks. Triumph is everywhere, as is resignation. There is no in between. If you thrive here, live  a life, you are a hero, if you are a hero, you thrive, if the circumstances overcome you, you disappear. No in between.

I sang a couple of my songs in the garage of a friend who runs an anti-violence organization along with his wife and two kids. They tell me stories of their business, love for their kids, their schools, the music they love, but also of murder and thieves.

Work and laughter are heroic given the circumstance. Resignation is understandable and makes me question my own conviction for living, and if empathy has a just ending.

What do we do with this world we have created?


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