Mexico City November 28, 2010


Hey! Here at the hotel in Mexico City with Chris Bates watching some American football en Espanol and talking through some charts. This tour has been killin. We did Zinco Jazz Club on Friday and had an incredible turnout, given the cover price and lack of print promo, place was full, lots of energy. A really beautiful spot to play, its what used to be a national bank Im told and there's safes, cells, giant metal doors throughout the green room and back. Has the historied vibe going on that we can sometimes lack in the states as rents .... the strip mall chain store gentrification becoming commonplace pricing out many of the really unique jazz,music joints around the country. Played the Film Club Cafe last night, an all ages spot, which I love.... everyone comes to listen, people really ready for whatever is coming out as long as we keep it honest, felt great. Got a ride home from the Club owner in his 1964 Plymouth, thing is an absolute relic. Sofa seats, sky blue color, no power steering, shared seatbelt across the front three seats. Incredible people, inspiring time.

  But to the good, the band is hooking up and taking all the songs we're doing to new places and we've been throwing in some free pieces as well. Tomorrow we're at this studio here called Sala de Audio to record as a quartet. We havent been performing the tunes to track live yet but will add them once we get back to the shows on Tuesday. If you havent checked out Hernan Hecht yet, you need to.... incredible drummer, musician, plays a ton. We've got all sort of plans, things are hitting, Europe talk, good stuff. Incredibly grateful.


     Out to hit the modern art museum and see what kind of festivities are swinging through the streets today.... yesterday there was a youth taekwondo parade, groups stopping to take some swings at their compatriots' pads as directed by the whistle of their leader. Loved it, then tacos dorados.


Thanks for all your support

 Forgot to mention Bernstein week tour was another total success. He is such a great player, personality, and teacher. Learned a ton, got in front of a bunch of new friends. Have some videos up here soon. Apparently the record label Ropeadope, is gonna do some sort of live video tune-in with the A Love Electric Bernstein show.


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