Got to spend a few days in Minneapolis to spend Christmas days with my family. Lots of Hannukah cards were exchanged, gifts from years past regifted, and we had our first rehearsal for our hand carved flute symphony that Im guessing will make a lot of noise on the international creative music scene in the coming months..... mostly avant, but rooted in suburban ethnic-caucasian rhythms (timelessness). 


Twas fun to laugh a lot, and finally rest for a few days. Its been running since February now that we've been on some sort of tour, maybe a week off the road but still playing, so some time to get a bit of perspective on things seems needed. Need to hang, listen, write, not worry, play, not plan and be ready with energy and passion for tours to come, the cynicism gained over the past 8 months in the music industry dutifully scraped from thought. This month is full of music but Im not trying to tour manage n book and all while out playing, so its all in the noise. I love to when there's time to live in it. 

While the next few months will be consumed with our next A Love Electric Record, poster above, I just finished mixing a Monk record with Dean Magraw and Jay Epstein. Dean and Jay have been at the forefront of jazz, rock, and whatever in MN and beyond for decades and its truly an honor to have made this record with them, and they're both genuinely excited about what we got, I think. Jay sent me an email that could have made me cry was I not malaised and emotionless in the MN gray winter day I received it. Tremendous, in all capital letters with an exclamation point he wrote. This is not a man who regularly goes all capitals and exclaiming things on blogs, social networks, and so on, calm and cool cat. So it was an honor. Check out that trio below.


Thanks again for your support, see you out soon

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