I had this epic music industry piece Id written for the BLOG here, had it all figured out, broken down, ended with an optimistic edge though bent on realism throughout, some historical context, touch of humor..... edited, so on, that I lost, closed the blog without saving to another program. That was the ONE! 

What Id hoped it was to say is that the traditional music industry was nothing but a corporatization of the arts that ended up dictating what we hear as opposed to offering us a more altruistic vision of artistic mediums. That sustainability and capitalism should not be mutually exclusive, but seem to have been over the past couple decades, and that the music industry bubble is not at all different from the various other "bubbles" that are spoken of. Its gone and Im glad. Unless you listen to one of a dozen artists, you probably are too. But the point was, I think it will take the public's ears time to catch up. We digressed, our tastes and adventurous spirit were reduced, as we came to expect a certain something from our art as opposed to react to it sensually. Now we're all self-accredited critics, and cynicism and apathy are found as commonly as hope and altruism. 

  It was all much more eloquent than that. Anyhow, Im optimistic, if things are to be done out of honesty and love, we'll survive.

Here are some magnificent creations I've been enjoying --- Been writing a lot of music and otherwise these days between our time out on the road. Come back by for some demos of upcoming recordings ...  I'll be recording with a couple groups in May in Mexico City, and more from there.


Then there's the elephant story. This is beautiful.

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