Im writing from the airport in Los Cabos, where I just said goodbye to Anton Fier, an incredible drummer, please check him out. When I picture Anton, I want to hug him, make music with him, I feel very profoundly connected to him. I think its reciprocated, don't really know, not sure it matters. He inspires me with his presence and playing, his history, and his belief that music, in his words is "life and death."


We played three shows here in Los Cabos, the best being a short set at the City Plaza for our Arts Day Out festival. A really beautiful time where kids come and play tunes, meet each other, some interactive visual arts exhibits. I think its quite unique.We finished the night playing some of my new tunes, which I wanted to do on this little run, we had little to lose, and nothing is going to fall apart with Anton playing, so I played quite a few new songs for the first time, it felt really nice, though there is some work to be done.

Im working a record with Anton, a long term project that we'll have more about in the coming months. 

Heading to Mexico City today to be with our band, A Love Electric and get everything in place for the release of "20th Century Folk Selections", which will come out Feb 14th on Royal Potato Family Records, exactly a year after our debut on Ropeadope. I have not listened to the record for two months plus, was so involved in it for too long, its necessary to get away to find some perspective on it. So I'll do that tonight, get back into it. We've been playing the tunes live and they've been burning. 

More tomorrow as we head off to Chiapas. Sincere thanks for your kindness and support. 

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