Jazz, to me, is, and was born from hope and triumph. It is not the contrived ideas of condescension and fear, allowing the player, or listener, to distance themselves from their fellow man. Its an invitation to converse as dictated by emotion. That invitation is not always accepted, just see attendance at some jazz gigs around town. But the music is beautiful in opportunity..... let it live that way.

We're on tour and Im all music riddled and altruistic, if not bitten by the realities of playing music that can be challenging to the ear in terms of financial compensation for doing so. Regardless, we will go on doing what we love, and hoping we are in some way making life more interesting, enjoyable, passionate for the people who listen.


coconut March 24, 2011 @10:54 pm

Hey Todd, I'm listening. I heard you play at Camp MMW and want to hear some Claves at Mabel Tainter. Coconut (mandolin player)

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