A lot to write about, just seeing its been nearly a month since I got a chance to put something up here. We've been through northern California, the south Baja, the Mexican mainland, and back into the Baja since last writing in Tahoe. Tour was wonderful, growing with Aaron Cruz, Hernan Hecht, Mark Aanderud.  More people coming, music growing collectively and individually. There is a voracity, a realist's optimism that happens when the four of us get together, perhaps its the nature of the band, us all residing or being citizens of differing countries, to know no consequence of chance. Its overwhelmingly inspiring, and positive. Im back writing a lot, making too many plans, writing songs, all kinds of great things that happen when I'm in a creatively healthy situation. Helps having Billy Martin around all week to hang with, gather experiences from, and play music with. Im reminded of guys like Bernstein, Ribot, Hernan, Mark, Aaron when we hang with Billy - positive and ruthlessly creative, its a sign of security in self, something that has not always come easy for me, happening more and more often.

It being  Thanksgiving, we're offering a free download and such, check out below - thank you as always for your generous support.

Todd Clouser's A Love Electric

Hoping this finds you well on Thanksgiving with your own, as we celebrate our gratitude for you. Its been 9 months since Ropeadope released A Love Electric's debut record and we've been able to play in places, for people Id never thought possible - this was the dream. Sincere thanks.


Please find an unreleased tune for free download at "Its Your Baby", Todd Clouser's A Love Electric - Thanksgiving 2011 Free Download http://soundcloud.com/toddclouser/its-your-baby-todd-clousers-a . The song is called "Its Your Baby", and is only available here. Also below is a video of Tuesday's take on the holiday-appropriate "Amazing Grace", the video featuring Billy Martin on drums in a newly formed quartet. Show two takes place Friday, Nov 25th at Deckman's at Havana, San Jose del Cabo, MX, 8:30 p.m.


"Amazing Grace" w/ Aaron Cruz, Mark Aanderud, Billy Martin




Queridos Amigos en Mexico - Gracias por la mejor gira en nuestra existencia, por recibirnos, apoyarnos, y darnos mucha inspiracion. Mas y mas pronto. Con mucho respeto, Todd, Hernan, Mark, Aaron



See you for much new music as 2011 goes 12. All the best



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