Everyone is busy debating whats jazz/not jazz post modern New Orleans Minneapolis music or whatever, I just can't seem to understand why its important to anyone but those trying to be jazz musicians themselves (also take note, most people do not really like jazz). The need to judge comes from insecurity, the need to classify comes from lack of knowledge. Listen, feel free to react, the music is ours to feel. All a musician is doing is organizing sound at the most basic level. They do this informed by habits, tools, and experiences. At its best moments, the sound is organized into something we can feel, that can take us elsewhere, or keep us right there. There is spirit. Its not about us and what we're playing, thats where we've lost everyone. They just don't care unless they have a vested interest in keeping something someway monetarily or as a consequence of their fear of change, of loss or failure.

Maybe we were wrong studying this stuff all the time, that can be frightening, but it very well could be the truth. Soul, feel. Live it. There's so much to discover. Leave the rest behind. It's difficult to do and perhaps posting this is me not being able to remove myself from what I think is silliness. I am guilty of occasional judgements as well.

All these styles of music, while historically significant, pass. What lasts is how the people reacted to the music, how it made us all a bit more alive, how it inspired us to do things we otherwise would not on micro and macro scales - music and art are power, they are our voice. How it gave those unheard a voice. Its yours to make whatever you want, be honest and people know it. But music is not about the musician, we've created stars to sell product now, but music, is far deeper than that, its origins lie in a place we have no understanding of. Thats incredible to me, and buries the cynicism. Say it, what you have to say, be disciplined and available to receive enough to discover, and allow it to become everyone's. They listen and react, its a community, and there's the word beauty.

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