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A year ago I got in touch with Hernan Hecht at the suggestion of some friends in Guadalajara and put together a quartet with Seba Dimarco and Julio de la Cruz from Los Cabos, Hernan on drums, for a short tour in Mexico City and Guadalajara. We played small rooms, the music was in its infancy, but it went off well enough to continue the relationship with Hernan and get back to the venues. We hadnt recorded our record yet, but it was the but the few gigs we id served as the beginning of A Love Electric. I worked out the tunes after our first run, lots of personal changes, and we did the record with Steven Bernstein on trumpet, Greg Schutte, and Gordy Johnson on bass. We did another short MX run as a quintet in November with Mark Aanderud on piano, at Hernan's suggestion, and Chris Bates on bass. Better venues, good turnouts, so on. Then Ropeadope picked up the record after I sent out many a booking emails, cold calls, management inquiries, so on. We ended up with a label, a great publicist, and a record that hopefully more people would get to hear. That was just 3 months ago, its been fun to watch things grow, most importantly the music and relationships with the other players. Like minded friends, unafraid to play in a genre-less, improvised musical space. 

I just got home last night from our latest Mexico run, two weeks in Mexico City, Puebla, Queretaro, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, and something went right. We played to full rooms of people in complete silence when the music was happening. The music dug hard, we all got along, and the venues were, in all honesty, universally thrilled to have had us and invite us back. There is a vibrancy that happens down here in Mexico that can often get lost, in my experience, in some places in the US, where we have all become music's best critics. A willingness to listen and let the experience happen is where the audience operates from down here. Its really lovely.

Music is about documenting our emotions, documenting our collective human experience, involuntary reactions to sound are the art of the audience. The relationship between the audience and the musician is cyclical, musicians give, audience receives and gives, a direction is encouraged by the response, and it continues, its human, and pure. That all gets lost when all we are thinking about is ourselves, our own playing, our own chance to step in front it, it really is an exercise in humility and restraint to succesfully create a collective experience in a band like A Love Electric. I need to work on all this, its easier to identify now, its just the breathing piece, the detatching that sometimes gets lost.


Its not about who we play with, record labels, who is better, it IS about what we can communicate that is real and unique to us. Thats where people respond, to the truth. Its easy to get there in music if we just allow ourselves to. If we are mired in self expectation, and dictated by the ego's desires for approval, from an audience, another player, or ourselves, music is lost. This tour, with almost no exception, we were able to have five guys that operated on that level together, working within the framework of compositions to create something new, honest, and unique, and talk about the direction without anyone taking things personally. This doesnt happen often. Its spiritual when it hits, for a lacker of a better word. And again, its easily lost, if we get inside our own heads, think about ourselves, who we resent, who resents us. Leave it to the music and its all washed away, we come out clean and burning. 

So anyway, Im really fortunate to have had this opportunity and of course lots of others come about as a result of this tour. Thank you to all our friends who came out in Mexico, to Alberto for making these gigs happen, and to Aaron Cruz, Adam Meckler, Hernan Hecht, and Mark Aanderud... any of those names come across as unknown, dig a little and check them out, each player is a storied monster in his own right.

 Our tour closing show was in Aguascalientes, host to Mexico's largest party,which says a lot, the Feria de San Marcos. We played at the beautiful Casa de Cultura, a building that dates back to the 17th century, to an incredible listening and responsive crowd. Favorite A Love Electric gig yet.... you get in a concert space like that and things come alive, even after just a couple hours sleep and 11 shows in 11 nights.


Perdon por escribir solo en Ingles --- todavia es dificil para mi a escribir sentimientos en Espanol. Pero, gracias thank you. Hasta Octubre. Abrazos.


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