Nice to have a day at home, albeit one, with all 24 hours of it off. No complaints whatsoever, but its been a busy past couple months. If we weren't traveling, we were playing, or recording, or a combination thereof. Anyhow, had a fun first run out east, our few days in NYC being the highlight as well as some stops in Pittsburgh, Erie, and Boston along the way. Being on the road with a band is an entirely different reality than the one we live in daily, I personally love it, some people hate it, some can't hang, some self destruct, some thrive. There's always a myriad of dynamics at play when you have five males, their egos, and their instruments in a car, hotel, and on stage each night. There can some rub, but all in all A Love Electric has been a joy to be in, grow as a musician, and make a few of the best friends Ive ever had. Long hours in the van mean most subjects, politics to petty humor, not that those are exclusive of each other, get covered. Regardless of all the psychological side trips mind wandering, so on, the wonderful part of being in A Love Electric is that the music is brought, explored, dug into every night. Our east coast tour we did 12 gigs in 12 days, and while some shows hit harder than others, the music was never skimped upon. We are like-minded in the sense that we all aim for a place of discovery, when it hits, it transcends self.


A LOVE ELECTRIC at the Loring Theater, Mnpls

photo14.jpg Post 12 day East Coast run in Maine.

5959553052_1c54897540_b.jpg_resized At the Minnesota Orchestra's Sommerfest


I was down in MX City for a few days as well, a city I love. Got to hang with Hernan Hecht and Aaron Cruz, ad spend 3 days with them beginning work on the new A Love Electric record. Great, rabid, beautiful, it all went down. We had a couple shows, one at El Imperial, a venue new to me, thats more of a rock club, had a great reception, and then played a couple nights later at Zinco Jazz Club to a full room of listeners, minus the two dudes sitting next to Hernan who must have had some very important things to talk about, judging by sonic volume, and volume of words. But no complaints whatsoever, both shows killed and I love my bandmates dearly. Dan Zlotnik, a saxophonist based out of MX City whose band Los Dorados is well known on the scene down there, and who works with a whole host of people across the globe, joined us on sax and killed it. Turns out he's an amazing person as well. Im fortunate. We'll be doing the same lineup soon for a November MX Tour.



I took a Mx City - NYC flight, slept on the plane, and then met up with master trombonist Rick Parker, check him out at, Chris Bates arriving from Minneapolis, and drummer Tim Kuhl out of Brooklyn, for a quick rehearsal of all new tunes I'd put together, a rock and roll with a some left bents I can't help myself from taking sort of vein. We played a gig that night at a small, colorful room in Brooklyn and then made it to the studio the next morning to record the debut record of what we're calling The Machete Four. I like the name, think it suits the music, we'll see... anyhow, Anton Fier saw on drums. Myself, Rick, Chris, and Anton. A few years back when Bush was in office, ouch, and Stephen Colbert was speaking at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner (who pays for that self congratulatory swankory?) he remarked how in awe he was of being there a few seats from the President, speaking at the dinner, and asked to pinched, or never mind, shot in the face he said, to awake him from his galavanting dream. Yea, thats a long aside, but you know, thats how I felt having the chance to work with Anton. Aside from the excitement and awe of having the opportunity to work with him, we made some fine fine music. Thats what it was really about, Anton made sure of that, things fell in and out of place, mostly in, and everyone got along great and we ended with 9 tunes of vigor and passion from a band spanning three generations of rock lovers - trombone, guitar, bass, drums. Still humming inside from that.


So Im back in Minneapolis now and we've had a couple shows in the past few days, staying busy. I love playing, getting better, collaborating with new musicians... and its all there to be had. Positivity - don't get dark - make the most of playing in any situation, give love, and whether or not that results in more people showing up or money coming in there's a sense of serenity and joy thats contagious within the band, the room, and the writing.... Im learning. 

 Had a great show Wednesday at James Buckley's Jazz Series at the Nomad with A Love Electric with a great amount of excellent guests - MNpls music scene is healthy - , then last night I took to singing with The Hope Tonic at the Aster Cafe. It felt great to sing some tunes I haven't sang for over five years, some of the New Machete Four stuff and songs off the Hope Tonic record.... need to make a point to do more of that. Personally, I can get more out of just playing the guitar, emoting, but there's a connection between words and music, and the audience, that takes on a special life, and its beautiful in its own way.... more to explore.

Zen Out



SO thats the ramble. Gonna enjoy the day off and then back at it tomorrow heading to NYC , then down to Aguascalientes MX for a couple weeks of teaching and a nice big theater show with A Love Electric for the 4th Annual Regional Jazz Festival in Aguascalientes. Honored to be a part of it. Gonna get the teaching chops in order.


All the best, thanks for your support


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