Good lawd! Its been a month since I wrote anything here. We've played most every night of that month, so thats my excuse. Been a really busy time, maybe overextended a bit, but feeling fortunate to be experiencing lots of growth. Its hard to gauge in terms of the band, and turnouts, and so on, and really a game I realized I cant be too concerned with if the music is going to stay honest and Im going to maintain a relative level of sanity. But playing, and the music thats being made is coming out more naturally and I think at a level more profound. Part of the madness of being on the road so much is that this absolutely consumes you, music. Unless you're out to party or what not, if we're really there to play, and to grow, discover, moments happen with regularity that transcend what was possible the day prior. We had a moment like that playing today on the radio here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Things just happened completely naturally, the band has grown so close and our ears so tuned to each others, and there's the trust, the most important piece I think, that we can really explore and lean on and off each other, throwing the music and energy around in a really playful and, to me, encouraging, way. No one needs to prove anything to anybody anymore, and thats beautiful, all that gets in the way of actually digging for something that lives in a heavier place. There is a lot to be discovered in music, listening, and playing.

    We had a really incredible run of shows in Spain, 9 gigs in 12 days, across the south of the country and up to Madrid and Barcelona. I was the first to arrive to Madrid after an 8 day stint teaching and performing with A Love Electric in Aguascalientes, Mexico.,... that was an amazing week, 14 hours a day inside music, thats a nice way for me to live. But anyhow, I got to Madrid, got off the plane and decided Id pick up our van and back line. Our van died on the way to get the back line. So I got a tow, left it there for the night, and we played the first gig without bakline, instruments to the PA...which was alright, small jazz club, tour starter gig.... the next day we got the first van to a mechanic and I rented another van, which died on the side of the highway, with the back line inside, in Madrid siesta rush hour. It went on and on for a couple days that put some lines in my forehead, but we survived, played a great show at Sala Clamores, one of Madrid's finest I think, and got out of town with working automobiles and down to the south. Played a bunch more shows, spent a great deal of time on the coast, and ended the tour all feeling like brothers playing to a great crowd at Booga Club in Granada. Fun times, but taxed me a bit. Labored through a show at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC and then headed back to the road for this Colorado mid-west/south/etc run. Last night at Dazzle in Denver and this morning were really on gigs, so looking forward to hitting tonight and heading to the mountains to stare off into the sky for some hours tomorrow. Usually come back with a few songs from that.

Thanks as always for coming by and your support - lots more has been happening, hopefully the words and posts here will catch up to the music in the next few weeks as we have a little bit of down time

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