Staying busy before our tour comes, but fortunate to have some time to get a new crew of tunes together for the run. 

Had a great rehearsal today with Pedro Cervera, drums and Nahuel Bailo, keyboards. A new trio we've got going that is sounding heavy, brave. Two Argentine players and a midwestern US kid, its a trip, and fun. Playing in Los Cabos is limiting, its always felt that way because we allowed it to be that way. This place, as much as any other, when the tourist season comes, is about the dollar. Restaurants hire safe bets, and there's little in the way of long term artistic vision in music. Its fun watching that change right now. Perhaps its due to the slow down or just the growth of players here, but we have a really happening number of musicians right now making interesting things happen. Whether theyre getting paid to do so or not, different story, but it is happening. Cool to watch and be a part of.

I remember in years past watching Nahuel and Pedro play and not being ready to hang. When I headed back down to the Baja this year I made a conscious effort to put bands together with all the guys that I could learn from, had been out playing longer, werent shy about calling you out or directing the music to a better place. It requires a degree of humility but also feeds self discipline, both contributing to a better state of awareness while in the music. Good times, even when your ego is being shattered and what you thought was your style coming through rendered inappropriate for a certain tune. Its mostly true...... though all depends. 

 We have our final Beautiful Organ Trio gig this Wednesday, as Roberto Blanco (Bobby White) is leaving for England. Best to Roberto, thanks for all the wisdom. There is more music to be made together.


Was a little slow to get up this morning, until this....

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