Cold and concrete are a ruthless combination for the stability of my mental well-being. Oooo tough times in the north when it chills out. Sure Im not alone in that, but the inner cynic, a natural impulse I think many of us have towards self-pity, entitlement, reacting with anger and judgement, all swing into my mind and out of my mouth more often this time of year. Been spending a lot of time in the US, which has been really nice for the music, fortunate to continue to play with heroes of mine, from dudes I always looked up to in Minneapolis to buys I spent my teens going to see, Billy Martin, Cyro Baptista. And the New York cats. Dudes play, its fun. So here are a few videos of whats been happening musically.

Time in New York was especially productive, spending the days at Dred Scott's studio banging the instruments around, lots of writing and practicing, and then getting out to play at night. One particular day I got lost in wonder and was sitting at Dred's drum kit, this little studio in an industrial area of Brooklyn, up on the second floor, lots of old records and things around, I began doing this singing and rhythm exercise, really an exercise in losing oneself that Bob Moses teaches called song-contouring. You dance and sing and yell and whatever comes out is allowed to. Its wonderful. A couple tunes came out of it after some hours just hanging with music. Dred has a piano up there as well, some amps, and a couple drum kits that I got to running between and it was t the most fun Ive had alone with music in some years, as far as I remember. Playing alone now has become so practice, get better, learn this tune- heavy, nice to allow oneself to leave that behind for some hours and really celebrate whatever voice and I suppose what could be called oddity I have.

Id love to move to Brooklyn, except its cold, expensive, and the gigs don't pay anything, for at least a while. But I admire greatly all the work and playing the cats I got to play with have put in, there are no hand outs in this industry.

Thanks so much for your time and mind, I hope we can offer some in hope and wonder in return - when I can get away from what surrounds music, art and just play music, be an artist - be with it - something real transcends any hardship. Its not all blue skies and migrating hummingbirds, butterflies and such, sometimes its a tear at what occupies us, but its substantive and our own. Thats why I came to this thing, and I hope we can pass that on through what we do. All the best for the holidays


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