Thats it, enough with the worry, enough with the naysaying, Im amped to play some music tomorrow with Benny Weinbeck on the piano. Benny plays in such a calm way, its beautiful, and offers a nice contrast to the circus and short circuitry I can have happenin in the head and on the strings... not that I dont like living in the odd spaces, just nice to have some contrast at times. 

  Other than that, we are having fun booking a bunch for July through November, fun because its going well, and we've found people are inviting us back, for better nights, compensation, all that stuff that a life not lived as a hobo, train-hopper, or hunter-gatherer requires. So thats great, that was kind of the timid plan, and its working, which is fun. We're back at Dazzle in Denver in September, get to play a childhood hometown birthday throwdown for my soon to be 85 year old grandmother in Kansas City at Jardine's on Sep 25th... goin to New Orleans. And there's the Spain tour before that, our inaugural east coast tour, tracking the new A Love Electric Record and hitting Zinco Jazz Club in Mexico City, tracking a new project with Anton Fier on drums in NYC, yea I cant believe that either... and some recording with Steven Bernstein for A Love Electric who will augment the incredible sounds of our regular trumpeter Adam Meckler on the forthcoming record.

    If I cant relax and enjoy that, these next few months, then its never happenin, cause all that stuff sounds awesome. 

  Thanks a ton for your support and coming by here. If you're still reading, we love you. Seriously, why not, lets call it what it is. 

  Im heading back to geek out on playing Charlie Parker heads through my new octafuzz pedal....Take it purists! Just kidding, we love you too, and respect you. Abrazos.

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