I went to the beach with my good friend Steve today, good times. He was reading a book out loud, which is nice, hearing the emphasis and such in the spoken word creates for a different experience than simply reading. The book was rooted in metaphysics it seemed, delusions of self, a sociological bent on how we separate ourselves. Real light beach, vacation reading. Anyhow, what I got to thinking, was, each time we go to make music, whether for 5 people or 500, we have the choice of whether to allow the process of connection to something greater take place, or to play for the ego; for some vindication. If we choose the latter, we lose every time. The ego, by its nature, cannot feel vindicated. So it takes humility - listening, patience, and a commitment to discovery, honesty. Then we open ourselves up to moments where we are completely present, where transcendent art can take place. It sounds lofty, but its what brings us all to the show, and where we all started on our instruments.

I think of this song often and the way this sentiment has pervaded our arts culture


We've made it about us, the individual, and lack something to unify around. The 60's and 70's had it, the early blues had it, early folk music had it, and the birth of jazz had it. We're singular now more so than those times, and I think it results in more cynicism - a reaction to fear, a defense mechanism - and the result is suffering, which is reflected in our art. We can be entirely self absorbed, or really have little to say. So really just observations I suppose, but a working solution for me is to coninue to find ways to connect to the human experience, and to play each night from a place of exploration, and discovery, and I think that is where the audience reacts as well. We create something and experience it together. 

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